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Our children are empowered, lifelong learners who champion sustainable behaviours for a healthier, happier planet.

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About Munchkins

We nourish children’s well-being, nurture their learning, connect them with nature and help them network with peers and experts.

Munchkins partners with international primary schools across Hong Kong to deliver:

  1. Hands-on, cross-curricular programmes that promote:
    • Sustainable behaviours to care for the natural environment
    • Well-being for themselves, their peers and their communities
    • Connections to local charities and environmental organisations
  2. Professional development and in-lesson support for teachers
  3. Food-based education expertise across sustainability, biodiversity, gardening, nutrition and cooking
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Our Mission

kids in the classroom studying seeds


Lifelong Learning: Critical thinking, creativity, curiosity & collaboration

kids in the classroom studying seeds


Well-being, health & nutrition

kids in the classroom studying seeds


Sustainable behaviours & respect for the natural environment

family garden visit


Friendships, community & connections to experts

Working with Schools and Teachers

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We help teachers provide fun, hands-on activities for kids to put their learning into practice and hone their lifelong skills such as critical thinking, creativity, curiosity and collaboration.

kids at a market outing


We help teachers discover ways to improve their own well-being and create learning experiences to help kids champion good health & nutrition. 

kids at a hands on activity


We make it easy to educate kids about sustainable development through food related learning.

For example we help students understand our resource consumption, how food reaches our plates and how food choices impact the natural environment.

kids studying seedlings


We connect teachers to experts across sustainability, biodiversity, gardening, nutrition and cooking.

We introduce new ideas, share real-life experiences, raise awareness of HK-based challenges and inspire students to create positive change.

Working with Parents,

Care-Givers and Families

kids studying a fish at the market


Intentionally sociable activities for children to share new discoveries, ideas – nurturing curiosity & self-confidence.

mother and child eating veggie soup


Practical knowledge to grow, source, cook & enjoy food for healthier, happier children & families.

kids gardening


We help your child appreciate the farm to fork process and develop a deep respect for our planet

families eating together


Our kids love making new foods and friends. We bring together a collective of experienced chefs, educators, culinary nutritionists & gardeners.

young girl smiling and cooking
What makes Munchkins different, how is it different from an after-school provider?

Our learning programmes are designed to integrate into and enhance the curriculum. We partner with teachers to design interdisciplinary (cross-curricular) programmes that meet teachers’ and students’ needs. We understand international primary schools and we take the time to understand the unique challenges school leaders face. We are a team of educators and experts with experience in food related disciplines including biodiversity, gardening, nutrition and cooking. We bring expert facilitation (including co-teaching), design thinking, project and change management – underpinned by a passion for collaboration. Our educators also have Reggio Emilia inspired backgrounds which means we recognise the child as the protagonist, collaborator and communicator.

What sort of work does Munchkins do with schools?

We partner with schools to design and deliver interdisciplinary learning programmes that integrate into the curriculum and extend students’ learning. Examples include our Sustainability Learning Through Food, Garden-to-Fork and Kitchen Kids programmes. We help to enhance the learning environment such as creating a school garden or maximising the use of existing space for a school kitchen. We bring experts into the classroom, we arrange and manage in-school, hands-on activities and off-site learning experiences. We also help schools meet their sustainability goals by helping students and teachers create meaningful change and champion sustainable behaviours at school.

How does Munchkins help teachers?

We know the biggest battle at school is teachers’ time. We save teachers time by doing “the heavy lifting”:

  • We create and facilitate hands-on learning experiences where kids put knowledge into practice.
  • We connect teachers to experts, learning centres, charities – arranging and managing field trips.
  • We bring expertise into the classroom – sustainability, biodiversity, gardening, nutrition and cooking.
  • We give teachers access to tried and tested resources, whilst sharing new techniques, technologies and ideas.

We act as the Teacher’s Sidekick – to understand and support specific pressures, taking the time to review and enhance learning materials, to meet learning goals and prepare for evaluations.

How do I work with Munchkins? What happens first?

The first step will be a meeting with you to help us understand what you need and the challenge you wish to solve. We would then put together a summary to propose how we can help you, with costs and options. After reviewing the proposal with you, we will decide on the timeline and priority of activities with you.

How much does this cost?

Our learning programmes and classroom support range from stand-alone, expert speaker sessions, a programme of hands-on experiences, to more advanced interdisciplinary unit design, learning materials and co-teaching support over a number of months. We seek to find solutions that meet your needs and budget.


Our Teachers and Parents Say…

I enjoy working with Munchkins immensely. They are creative, reliable, very organised and always supportive. We’ve also had great feedback from the parent and teacher community building workshops, as well as from seminars around cooking, growing food and family feeding.  We look forward to more collaborative projects with Munchkins!

Ms. Yau, Principal of Fairchild Kindergarten

The Food Unit went really well and it was very helpful to have a supply of resources and support from Munchkins. Melissa was there to support us every step of the way and had a wealth of knowledge to share with us and arranged for ‘experts’ to come and speak with the children. The students were so excited to meet a real life farmer! They loved seeing his farm, how he manages his tasks and having a chance to touch the caterpillars. We also really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of the food charity as we usually see a “face” of a charity without always understanding how it actually works. We’re looking forward to getting the school garden going next, with the helpful support and training from Munchkins.

Ms. Williams, Yew Chung International School HK

My son just can’t get enough of the Munchkins activities and continually asks when we will see Ms Melissa to cook again. His confidence with food has grown so much, he often wonders about how things grow and he’s so much more willing to experiment with new foods.

—Rajul, HK

I’m so happy to see my son blossom at the Munchkins sessions in the way he helps other children, shares things and has such a caring attitude. This sociable nature has really helped him at Primary school and he’s very willing to share his opinions and ideas.

—Minkii, HK

Thanks to Munchkins we have a clearly defined Green Council teacher/student team to support the Sustainable Development Goals. The children already made some great discoveries – gathering strong data to understand how we can effectively manage our food waste at school. We’re presenting our findings to the leadership team next to get support on the targets set by the children and the action they think we should take. The activity had been really empowering for them and given us hard evidence to make positive changes at school.

Ms. Horton, Yew Chung International School HK

My daughter now tells me how we should cook things “the right way” in our kitchen. She cannot wait to show off her new skills and share new foods with her sister. She’s also announced that she now loves red peppers, something she couldn’t stand before!

—Heidi, HK

Munchkins brought shape and structure to our Sustainability Unit within a matter of weeks. The ideas, and interactive learning activities have made home learning a lot easier and productive. We’re looking forward to introducing external experts to the class next. This will really get the kids’ creativity going as they think about how we can make our school and homes more sustainable.

—Mr. Jack, Head of Year at Yew Chung International School HK

The Munchkins activities have given me and my son a regular chance to bond and learn from each other. In fact, I find he teaches me a lot more about cooking and I’m surprised how much he picks up on his own. He’s so happy to take the lead and it’s great to see his confidence grow.

—Matthew, HK

With Munchkins help we have a really strong team to establish a Kids Kitchen programme that integrates into our curriculum across all grades. The project is proving to be really engaging and empowering for the teachers who are feeling more confident and skilled to introduce more food related activities in the classroom.

—Ms. Robinson, HKIS

The students really enjoyed the food waste activities and testing out their problem solving skills by investigating how we managed our waste at school. Munchkins introduced some great National Geographic resources for the class which helped the kids reflect on our food waste in HK. The kids continued to explore food waste following the sessions – creating a “recycling plant” in the classroom and planting seeds from thrown away veggies.

—Ms. Tang, Fairchild Kindergarten

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