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For Parents


Sociable activities for children to share new discoveries, ideas – nurturing curiosity & self-confidence.


Practical knowledge to grow, source, cook & enjoy food for healthier, happier children & families.


We help your child appreciate the farm to fork process and develop a deep respect for our planet.


Friendships, community & connections to experts.

Benefits of Programmes

We turn meal-times into fun times and give your child opportunities to explore, enjoy and eat – healthier and happier!

Our kids love making new foods and friends. ​Munchkins’s parents say their kids are…

  • Curious where food comes from
  • Excited to try new foods
  • Happier at meal-times
  • Eating more balanced foods (and vegetables!)

Our mealtimes allow children to share, time to bond, reflect and learn from each other. Just as food unites us, it also nurtures children’s desire to discover the world, develop a love of learning and a deep respect for our planet.

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Programmes and Booking

Food Is Alive!

A fun-packed, after school educational programme for children (aged 3 – 7 years) to nurture your child’s passion for food & promote healthy eating. We do this through exploring ingredients, hands-on family style cooking, experimenting with how food grows and mastering meal time responsibilities.


Join us at the market, where the bustle, colour and local produce knowledge of the vendors provide an exciting introduction to the beating heart of many of Hong Kong’s communities. Explore, share & learn about buying, preparing & eating food. Experience a typical Wet Market – see, touch, explore & learn more about vegetables. Get creative with our new ingredients to prepare a meal together.


​How does your garden grow? Come along with us and find out. Community gardens are increasingly popular in urban environments and offer a slice of the countryside in the concrete jungle. See how we use them to create sustainable meals as well as communities.


​You’ve probably heard about the “farm to table” process. This activity gives us a peek behind the scenes so we can start to understand how this process works and the effort required to make it all happen. Together, we’ll also discover that lunch tastes even better after experiencing the care and attention devoted to growing the ingredients.


What Our Parents Are Saying

My son just can’t get enough of the Munchkins activities and continually asks when we will see Ms Melissa to cook again. His confidence with food has grown so much, he often wonders about how things grow and he’s so much more willing to experiment with new foods.

Rajul, HK

I’m so happy to see my son blossom at the Munchkins sessions in the way he helps other children, shares things and has such a caring attitude. This sociable nature has really helped him at Primary school and he’s very willing to share his opinions and ideas.

—Minkii, HK

My daughter now tells me how we should cook things “the right way” in our kitchen. She cannot wait to show off her new skills and share new foods with her sister. She’s also announced that she now loves red peppers, something she couldn’t stand before!

—Heidi, HK

The Munchkins activities have given me and my son a regular chance to bond and learn from each other. In fact, I find he teaches me a lot more about cooking and I’m surprised how much he picks up on his own. He’s so happy to take the lead and it’s great to see his confidence grow.

Matthew, HK

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